Christian Business Network Breakfast – Brisbane

Just a few weeks ago I was invited to speak at a Brisbane CBD Christian Business Network breakfast at the invitation of a terrific  guy called Wes Leake.  This was held  at  Parliament House in Brisbane.  We had a great time. The people were wonderful and I managed to speak for twenty five minutes despite the portraits of past Premiers peering down at me from the wall.  My topic?  ‘God has a unique and  strategic purpose for your life’. Here is the You-Tube clip.

Mountain Hope Church Orange.

I had been discharged from Orange base hospital two hours before the service. I had acute Cholecystitis and had been give 10mg morphine 4 hours earlier. Somehow was able to speak and  made it through the service then back to Sydney to hospital where the gall bladder was removed. Needed all of God’s strength that day.

Book Signing

Book signing at the Launch – Graduates Conference of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship – September 2011.

Ernest Crocker Book Launch