God’s Plan For Your Life

Have you ever considered that God may have a plan for your life?

I once knew a man called Bob. A thundering man with a raw sense of humour there was never any doubt when he was around. Growing up as an only child he had a rather lonely childhood but grew up to marry a gracious and loving lady. Sadly they were unable to have children.

Bob had a background in accounting and worked as a relief branch manager for one of the “big four” banks. His professional life consisted of moving from town to town providing leave relief for resident managers. As such he never built or owned a house or had anywhere that he called home. He never started a business, joined a club, wrote a book or even had a Facebook account. He attended church and was obsessed with ritual: the ribbons, the seasons and the creeds but never really understood what it was all about. On his death bed he scornfully refused prayer from a friend. He had been in some respects a difficult man and at his funeral the minister who had never met him in life had some difficulty in knowing what to say about him.

His wife is now gone and he is essentially forgotten, except by me. It is almost as though he never lived. Yet it is my belief that God had a plan for that man’s life. The tragedy is that he never found it, never experienced an empowering relationship with his father God.

I recently heard an interview with an overseas refugee. After entering a country illegally he had been placed in a camp with other new arrivals. Here he eventually met his wife, had a family and his children now have their own small ones. He has lived his entire adult life in an internment camp with no country to call his own and no guaranteed future. He has lived a life in limbo.

There are many people, you may be one, who are enjoying life to the full but maybe you have some big questions that need answers. Be assured that God has a plan for your life and it may be richer and more satisfying than the one you are pursuing right now.

In the book of Jeremiah God says: I know the thoughts that I think towards you… thoughts of Peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11.

Nine Minutes Past Midnight tells of the ways in which God changed the lives of doctors, their patients and families when they were prepared to put their trust in Him.