The Bottom Line

With each interview I waited patiently and expectantly, knowing that eventually each person would speak the words that I needed to hear, words that would reveal the very essence of that person’s journey. Sometimes these words were lessons drawn from life experience. Sometimes they reflected sheer wisdom that only God could reveal. Often they were life-changing to the person involved, and many of them have had a major impact on my own life I share some of them now for your own encouragement.

‘Whatever else you can’t hold onto, hold on to this : that God is Sovereign.’  Lyndall’s pastor ,chapter 21.

‘I realised that I worshipped a mighty God and I began to expect Him to do the impossible.’  and also:    ‘Render to scientific medicine the discipline of science , and to God and His Word the discipline of faith.’  Dr John Saxton, radiologist, chapter 20.

‘God said to me, “Stop looking at yourself and try me out.” God gives me the capacity to get up and get on with the day.’ Professor Bob Batey, chapter 10.

‘I believed the as I believe now that people just need a doctor who will be on their side.’    Dr Doug Penney, family doctor, chapter 26.

‘All I know is that it’s people that are important, God and people – not the sexy side of medicine.’    Sam medical student, chapter 27.

‘I’m a depressive and it doesn’t take much to push me over.  But I’ve found that ‘when I am weak, then I am strong.’ It’s not my backbone. It’s God’s backbone. That time of depression didn’t make much sense to me. I asked myself: where’s God in this? But He took me out. He was very good to do that. It actually took my problems to prise me out of my comfort zone.’  Michael, surgeon, chapter 14.

I am a Christian and I’m not afraid.’ Elderly Professor in Changsha, China chapter 5.

‘I have given up trying to convince anyone of anything. It is up to the Holy Spirit  to open hearts and minds, to allow people to see the scriptures as they are.’  Rob, ophthalmic surgeon, chapter 24.  * Rob (known to me as Mac) passed away late in 2016.  His was a life well lived, of sharing, loving and caring. I shall miss him but he is at home with the father. 

‘You can see tears in their eyes. They’ve been looking in the wrong mirror all their lives. They need to look into Jesus’ face and see them as he sees them.’ Dr Paul, psychiatrist speaking of the women inmates of a South Georgia prison.

‘God’s will for your life is God’s will for your life.’  Prof Warwick Britton, University  of Sydney.

Q: ‘If you think you are nothing, how can you offer yourself to God?’ Kel Richards Anglican Television.

A: ‘You are offering God a total wreck and asking Him to make something decent out of it . It’s amazing what He can do.’ Dr Donald Dale, missionary doctor, chapter 6.