‘Dr Crocker’s book The Man in White takes us on a journey beyond the historical Jesus to that of a personal Jesus. Utilizing an interview technique of men and women who have and are walking with the Lord, the author introduces us to the reality of a personal Jesus Christ in our lives. Vivid examples are given of the day-to-day struggles, tragedies and victories in the lives of ordinary people that have sold out to the reality of Jesus Christ. These current-day examples serve as a model for you and I as we come to know the Holy Spirit and learn to depend upon Him. Let the Lord speak to you through these following chapters in your current journey, road to Emmaus, with the Man in White who will bring fulfilment and purpose to your life.’

Donald R. Tredway
Former Chair of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oral Roberts University and University of Oklahoma Tulsa Medical College, Retired Vice President of Clinical Development, EMD Serono (Merck KGA)

‘Knowing Jesus is our highest calling. All fruitfulness, all ministry, everything we could ever do for God has to flow out of our intimacy with our Bridegroom King. We strived hard to do good works our first year in Mozambique. I became so burned out I wanted to work at K-Mart. Then, when I was at the end of myself, I had a life-changing encounter. One look in His eyes, one word from His mouth, and everything, absolutely everything, changed. Circumstances were still challenging as we pioneered churches and ministry through our war-torn, impoverished nation, but God’s grace sustained us and provided for our every need through the last two-and-a-half decades and we are still going strong. As you read the testimonies in this book, know that the personal encounters and miracles these men and women experienced may also be available to you. Let Jesus speak to your heart about how much He loves you and what special purposes He has for your life. He hasn’t forgotten you, beloved, He is calling your name.’

Heidi G. Baker
Co-founder and Chair, Iris Global

‘This is a book about what an extraordinary God can do in, and through, the lives of ordinary men and women. These stories are faithfully and beautifully told and will raise questions in the mind of even the most sceptical reader.’

Michael Spence
Currently Vice-chancellor and Principal, The University of Sydney

Dr Spence will take up his new appointment as President and Provost of University College London in January 2021

‘Ern challenges us that God is moving, and we need to move with Him to fulfil the mandate “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”. Don’t stay in our clusters and our close network groups. Touch people by moving out into the marketplace.

‘Ern has captured the testimonies in this book that show how head knowledge transferred to personal experience of the Holy Spirit’s power . . . will change lives. Read the interviews and be challenged. Move with God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.’

Peter Irvine
Author and keynote speaker

‘Dr Ern Crocker’s The Man in White is a remarkable documentation of miracle interventions all around the globe. This is a continuation of a personal journey as much as a record of miracles in the lives of individuals. This book is made more remarkable as Ern is a well-known scientist with a love for the empirical as well as the supernatural. His love for the Man in White who has revealed Himself as such to the lives of the many included in this book is sustained by his own supernatural encounter as a medical professional and his daily walk with Jesus. Jump in and join Ern as you walk through these chapters revealing the God who is there and who is not silent.’

Tom Hallas
Asia and Pacific Field Director, Youth With A Mission; Member, YWAM International Elders Group

‘Ern Crocker MD is the present New South Wales Australia State Chair of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia. His new book, The Man in White is another interesting and encouraging read. I have known Dr Crocker for several years and have always come away from our talks excited by the stories he told me of what he was seeing God do in the hospitals and medical practices, but also excited by the enthusiasm Dr Crocker radiated in our conversations.

‘This is not a book of theory, but of reality. In this postmodern, post-truth and some would say “post-God” generation, Ern Crocker has written a book that reminds us that God is very much alive today and that by His Holy Spirit we may know His presence, His purpose and His power in our lives. So many know the historical Jesus but fail to understand that God calls us into personal relationship with Him, one in which we may walk with Him daily hand in hand. In order to encourage your faith for healing and miracles, this is a good source to read.’

Dr Randy Clark
Overseer of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and President of Global Awakening Theological Seminary of Family of Faith Christian University

‘I commend Dr Crocker’s testimony set out so wonderfully in The Man in White. He writes powerfully to testify to the Lordship of Jesus as saviour and healer in showing the sovereign work of God in our world today and His amazing love shown in Jesus’ death for our sins.’

Canon Christopher Allan
Sub-Dean, Cathedral of St Andrew, Sydney

‘Life is filled with mystery. St Paul declares ‘we see through a glass, darkly’ [1 Cor. 13:12]. Ern Crocker’s book contains such mysteries. Are they valid? If so, why do they not happen more frequently as we journey through this vale of tears? Why do terrorists free some captives? Why are desperate prayers not answered at the bedside of a stricken child?

St Paul assures that one day we will understand things with perfect clarity. In the meantime, we walk by faith. Ern’s book is provocative. And, provocation, itself, encourages growth.

Prof John Whitehall
National Chair of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia

‘This page-turner will stir you to step more boldly in faith than ever. Extraordinary stories of ordinary lives that fire up the soul and make you long to see God move in ways that are perhaps beyond what you may have ever asked for or even imagined are in these pages. Deep truths of the presence and power of God are brought to life through the stories of real people, following a real God through real struggle with such clarity that you can’t help but let the Holy Spirit change you as you allow Dr Crocker’s prayerfully written words take effect in your life. By the last page, like the first Bible verse quoted in the whole book suggests, you’ll want ‘to see Jesus’.

‘Being a respectful Asian belonging to a younger generation than his, it’s not Dr Ern that I know him as, but ‘Uncle’ Ern that I (and the global Asian youth movement I lead) call him. In my culture, ‘uncles’ tell stories at family dinners that open the eyes of the younger generation to important things they may have never otherwise taken time to process. I believe Uncle Ern has done just that, a great service to the next generation, who I believe will be called to action and are ready in such a time as this, to rise and be equipped through this recounting of bold faith and miraculous encounters in this book, which I am expectant will become a more normative experience for a generation seeking revival. Thanks, Uncle.

Steve Chong
Evangelist, Founder and Director of the RICE movement

‘It is well known that the personal testimony of believers – people willing to call themselves Christians – is one of the most powerful ways to share the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Thus, a book like The Man in Whiteprovides fifteen or so very different experiences of encounters with Jesus. Dr Ern Crocker has captured the essence of how God knows every hair on our head, so as to create an individual and unique story about our journey towards faith – a personal relationship with Jesus rather than being part of a religion. The book illustrates time and again that we are all so different on planet Earth and how we are all the same. I was encouraged to read others’ stories and know that God loves each and every one of us, through good times and bad. This book will be a blessing to all that read it.’

Professor Michael A. Adams FAAL
Head of University of New England Law School Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law