‘Dr Ernest Crocker has delivered another amazing read in his new book, When Oceans Roar. I was greatly encouraged and inspired by the powerful true stories of present-day believers who overcame great challenges, calamities and cruelty, and others who responded to God’s invitation to advance in the kingdom of God. This is a book that offers hope to the helpless, and help to the hopeless. If you enjoy being inspired and encouraged, you will enjoy When Oceans Roar.’

Randy Clark
DMin, Founder and President, Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

‘You’ll not be able to go on with life as usual once you’ve read this inspiring book! The author has travelled the world over and pulled together a compilation of real life heart-rending stories and testimonies of ordinary folk like you and I. There are stories of those who became heroes with remarkable transformations and there are others whose names will never even be remembered. But they all had one thing in common, they knew who they believed and they were persuaded that God had the power to do what He had promised (Rom. 4:21). They believed that though oceans roared He was and is the Lord above all! There are stories of miracles, martyrs and phenomenal transformations. As you read of the remarkable faith of those who gave their lives for his glory, men and women “of whom the world was not worthy” [Heb. 11:38], you too will be changed!’

Brian & Candice Simmons
The Passion Translation

‘This book chronicles stories of the remarkable way God works in the lives of His people. It will encourage people of faith, and inspire them to worship. It will challenge those with an open mind to consider the claims of Jesus Christ.’

Dr Michael Spence
Vice Chancellor, University of Sydney

‘Dr Ern Crocker has a powerful message to share! After many years in the medical profession, Dr Ern has so much experience and expertise.  It’s so important in these troubling times that we hear from medical experts about how miracles still happen today! After interviewing Ern on Historymakers radio and following his adventures on social media, I’m keen to see how this next book will impact people’s lives. We need to get this book into the hands of many people far and wide so that this life-changing message can be heard. Dr Ern is a true blue Aussie Historymaker. I pray that this book blesses everyone who reads it!’

Pastor Matt Prater
New Hope Brisbane, Historymakers Radio and TV

‘In a world of increasing identity confusion, Ern Crocker will take you around the globe introducing you to people from all stations in life who have found what it means to be a child of God. Not childish, but genuine sons, both male and female, who have discovered that the whole of creation groans awaiting them to step in to the trust, love, and connection, that eventually moves mountains.’

Tom Hallas
Asia and Pacific Field Director, Youth With A Mission; Member, YWAM International Elders Group

‘For those readers who have read Dr Crocker’s first book, Nine Minutes Past Midnight, you will find a very similar, unique style in the author’s approach in this book. He introduces you to very interesting people that have crossed his path as he follows God. I have travelled with Dr Crocker and have seen his unique God-given skill of sensing when quiet-spoken servants of God have a story to tell about the faithfulness of God. In addition, I have observed him interview them in a very unassuming way that releases amazing stories that glorify the living God. You will read profound stories of encounters with Christ from different personalities that say yes to the Father as they walk out His call on their life. In addition, the author will help you see the scriptural principles that these lives signify. Let the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead speak to you through the pages of this book. Let this not be just a book of others’ encounters with God, but let it be a book that results in an encounter for you with the Father.’

Donald R. Tredway
MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor and Chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oral Roberts University and University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma; former Vice President & Head Clinical Development Unit for Metabolic and Reproductive Endocrinology,  EMD Serono, USA (Merck KGA, Germany)

‘I love watching the ocean with each day changing with high then low tides, sand formations and sea life constantly changing. The title of the book, When Oceans Roar, perfectly describes how God moves and works. No situation or day is ever the same. He roars (speaks and moves) in our lives. We see how God works one way in one situation and then another way in another situation. He’s not boxed in. Ern provides stories that God’s plan will get done no matter what our response may be. We read of examples of people falling on their faith not their face. You will see throughout this book what King Solomon said after all his ups and downs, successes and disappointments throughout his life – “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: fear [reverence] God and keep his commandments” Ecclesiastes 12:13 [nivuk].’

Peter Irvine
Co-founder Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Australia; author and keynote speaker

‘This book is a true reflection of the courageous faith in Jesus that I have always known when it comes to my uncle. Through so many storms that we as a family have navigated together, he has always maintained a solid and unshakeable faith, knowing and believing that Jesus is in complete control, and that He holds the wheel. I pray (and I know) the words in this book will help you also find a courageous faith in Jesus, as you step out of the boat into whatever situation you find yourself in today.’

Matt Crocker
Worship leader and songwriter, Hillsong Church and Hillsong United

‘Dr Ern Crocker, in When Oceans Roar, generously shares of his own life and is able to help us gain deep insight into the lives of others. He paints a rich portrait of lives joyfully lived with Jesus at their centre. He shares his own personal experiences and those of family and friends, of many Australian colleagues and stories from extraordinary overseas friends. He often returns to the important question of identity, reinforcing that much will perish yet there is eternal significance in a relationship with Jesus. A gifted storyteller who inspires …’

Michael Burke
MBBS, FRACGP, PhD; Chair, HealthServe Australia

‘Dr Ern Crocker writes with intelligent researched succinctness. Grappling, as a man of medicine, with observable outcomes seemingly unrelated to medical interventions, he persuades us with stories, testimonies if you will, of what can only be miracles of transformation and healing. With the gentle logic of both observation and interview we are persuasively guided into the world of the supernatural. Not bad for a doctor of medicine, not bad for God. Both find comfortable harmony in this well written book. I love reading stories of healing written by doctors. This one, however, is special.’

David Crabtree
Senior Leader, DaySpring Church, Castle Hill, NSW

‘Dr Ernie Crocker’s second book, When Oceans Roar, is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. Sharing stories from refugees, missionaries, professors, generals and everyday people, Crocker engages the reader from start to finish with stories of unwavering faith leading them on a wonderful journey of growth and servanthood. Crocker displays raw humanity intertwined with his own experience, creating an inspirational must read book that at times brought me to tears.’

Professor John Boyages
Author and Professor of Breast Oncology, Macquarie University

‘In this uplifting and challenging book, Dr Ernest Crocker writes as a skilled physician and fellow pilgrim. He aptly stitches together stories of people’s lives of Faith. Courage meets great darkness and is matched by greater Light – the thread of sustaining hope in a loving and good God – no matter the circumstances. As a faithful custodian of these stories he is not afraid to lay all the facts on the table and is meticulous in his desire to be factual and compassionate. This book remains faithful to hope and the strength of the legacies left behind. Legacies bought with the lives of these people.’

Christie Buckingham
Senior Pastor, Bayside Church, Melbourne, Australia