Safely Into The Unknown

On Christmas Day 1939 in one of the coldest winters in  England’s recorded history King George VI addressed the British people. Hitler was poised to unleash the Luftwaffe on Britain and the people needed a strong leader, a steady hand and the best possible advice. With faltering voice but iron resolve he gave the following counsel:

“Place you hand into the hand of God . That shall be to you better  than any light and safer than a  known way.”

We are now experiencing the coldest Sydney Christmas period in over fifty years. In 2012 we face the threat of possible world recession, even depression unless  the financial  war lords in Europe are able to resolve their problems which threaten to engulf the world. People are concerned about their jobs, their superannuation, even feeding their families and paying their power bills. Ironically it may be Germany this time that bails us out.  How do we approach the new year with all its uncertainties?

The same good advice applies now as it did on Christmas Day 1939.

“Place your hand into the hand of God . That shall be to you better than any  light and safer than a known way.”