Author: Ernest Crocker

Post-truth generation

The Oxford dictionary word of the year is ‘post-truth’. We live in a post truth generation where 80% of what we hear on social media is corrupted by spin and deception. It’s timely to remind ourselves that Jesus said ‘I am the way the truth and the life.’ and also,  ‘The truth will set you free.’

Great words by Auden: ‘In the prison of his days, teach the free man how to praise.’

When Oceans Roar

When Oceans Roar tells the remarkable stories of people who heard the still small voice of God, and saw God do amazing things when they took Him at his word and surrendered themselves to him.

The stories told in this book represent roads that few people would have chosen. Yet having said ‘yes’ to God, and taken the first step, each one was strengthened, empowered and equipped for the journey ahead. It includes the story of a couple who prayed over their child who had no heart beat for three days in the sure knowledge that God would meet them at their point of need, and of a Bangladeshi freedom fighter taken before a firing squad only to learn that God had a plan for his life. This is a book that will challenge you to find your true identity, and having done so to step out of complacency and take risks in the sure knowledge that God will never leave you or forsake you as you surrender yourself to him. Be inspired to listen out for the still small voice of God above the ocean’s roar.’ Authentic Media.

The book also tells the story of Pastor Andrew Chan of the Bali Nine and of the remarkable impact that his experience and his courageous faith have had on the people in Bali and in the world at large. In August of 2015 I travelled to Bali and visited Kerobokan prison where I had the opportunity to see this with my own eyes.


Healing Service – St Andrews Cathedral

Click here.  In July of 2016 I was privileged to speak at the Healing Ministry of St Andrew’s Cathedral here in Sydney. My theme was the ‘The Word and the Power of God’. In that presentation I was able to relate some of the wonderful stories from ‘When Oceans Roar’ and to explain how  people found strength and courageous faith by embracing both the Word and the power of God.