Book Signing

Book signing at the Launch – Graduates Conference of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship – September 2011.

Ernest Crocker Book Launch

God’s Plan For Your Life

Have you ever considered that God may have a plan for your life?

I once knew a man called Bob. A thundering man with a raw sense of humour there was never any doubt when he was around. Growing up as an only child he had a rather lonely childhood but grew up to marry a gracious and loving lady. Sadly they were unable to have children.

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Extraordinary stories of God working alongside doctors

By Dr Graham McLennan

“Amazing stories about dedicated Australian doctors and the supernatural intervention of God as the Great Physician. Many of these stories are a real encouragement to our faith, especially for those of us in the health professions. It contains extraordinary accounts of courage, even martyrdom as well as touching stories of both healing and of death. A fascinating, gripping book on the power of prayer and of hope and faith in God’s sovereignty. We certainly need more books like this.”

(Dental Surgeon, Chairman, National Alliance of Christian Leaders)